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Gut Health and Thyroid Seminar

Join health and wellness expert, Dr. Dan O'Leary as he shares his life changing Trust Your Gut Program. This is a doctor supervised program that uses the latest research in functional medicine and nutrition to improve your metabolism, reduce sugar cravings, and optimize thyroid and adrenal function. If you are fatigued, overweight, can't sleep, have brain fog, hormone imbalances or just tired of being sick all the time, this is the program for you! Program Includes:

  • Educational Classes(online) – Nutrition & Exercise

  • 12- week Health Module Curriculum

  • Daily Nutritional Action Plan/Customized supplementation

  • Nutrition Plan and Shopping List

  • Daily Motivational Messages from the Doctor

  • One-on-One Virtual Consults

  • Digital Tracking and Communication

  • One-on-One In Office Visits with the Doctor

Dr. O'Leary will be hosting 2 sessions. Sign up now for this Free Seminar! If you suffer from any of these issues you may qualify for our program: Hormone imbalance including: PMS Emotional imbalance Developmental and social concerns including: Austism ADD/ADHD Skin Conditions: (urticaria) Eczema Skin rashes Hives Gastrointestinal issues including: Abdominal bloating and cramps or painful gas Irritable Bowel Syndrome Ulcerative Colitis Crohn's Disease and other intestinal disorders Autoimmune Conditions including: Diabetes Mellitus Lupus Rheumatoid Arthritis Fibromyalgia Chronic Fatigue Respiratory Conditions including: Chronic sinusitis Asthma Allergies Don't miss out! Sign up now!!