Electro Regenerative Therapy

 What is Electro Regenerative Therapy

When a cell is sick or injured the energy or charge of that cell is decreased or lower than it should be.

A good example is your cell phone.  When the charge is low the phone doesn't work as good as it should, and it eventually dies.

The same is true of our cells. The constant wear and tear of life uses a lot of energy. Over time our cells lose their charge, which leads to dysfunction and disease.

When our cells batteries run low, which happens as you age, you will notice, decreased ability to heal, fatigue and metabolic issues (weight gain).

Also, when tissues are injured, they lose their charge, which makes it difficult to heal efficiently.

PEMF can recharge your cells allowing you to function at your optium potential.

Electro Regenerative Therapy

The Future of Healing