Our team is comprised of many different specialties and backgrounds, but they share a common commitment to client wellbeing, professional integrity, and education. Find out more about our team and why we are the right center for all of your Holistic Healing needs.

Alejandra Amegin


Immigrant to this country, Native of Mexico, Raised in California, and now resides in Neptune Beach with her youngest daughter.  Her eldest daughter is the current Director of Vive Yoga Studio, founded by Alejandra.  She is a pioneer in her Yoga community by establishing and opening the first Latina Owned Yoga Studio in Northeast Florida.


You can find Alejandra leading several Yoga/ Meditation classes or working closely with Dr. O'Leary and his clients creating customized and manageable Wellness, Stress Management, and Weight Loss programs that are attainable and realistic.  Alejandra provides our clients motivation, support, and tips for a maximized wellness transformation. 

Dr. Dan O'Leary

Owner/Clinical Director


Dr. O'Leary is a licensed and practicing Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Chiropractor, with over 12 years of clinical experience.  Dr. O'Leary has a passion for helping people navigate the dense online health and wellness industry.  He is especially intentional in creating customized wellness plans so patients  save time and money on products/services that actually work. 

Dr. O'Leary tailors his recommendations based on each clients individual and unique physiology.  By combining the very best hands-on Chiropractic techniques, state of the art physiotherapy procedures, and providing the best natural vitamins/mineral supplements on the market, Dr. O'Leary is able to help his patients accelerate and/or maintain a journey to good health.

Macy Howard

Director of Vive Yoga Studio

Macy is our youngest team member and certainly one of our most valued.  She is the daughter of founder Alejandra Amegin.  Currently, Macy is the Director of Vive Yoga Studio located inside of Jax Natural Healing.  She oversees the day to day operations, marketing, and ensures that the client experience is of excellent value.  

Macy is also the face behind the creation, editing, and publications of all our social media accounts.  

You can find Macy leading several Yoga classes every week. 

In her free time, Macy enjoys spending time in Atlantic Beach, where she resides with her doggie daughter Abby.